Unicycling is the skill of riding a vehicle which only touches the ground with one wheel. The type of unicycle that you will be most familiar probably looks like this:

However, there are many variations – and you can try many of these at JUST!

These include:

  • the Giraffe : a chain-driven unicycle ranging from 3′ to 10′ in height. Giraffes can have multiple wheels but still only one in contact with the floor
  • the Ultimate Wheel :  literally just a wheel with pedals! No seat, no problem…. or is it?!
  • the Kangaroo : a standard unicycle but the cranks both point the same direction so a kangaroo-like hop is required to ride it!

Check out Owen learning the Kangaroo:

Once you have mastered the basics of a standard unicycle, you might want to try out one of the variations above, or perhaps you’d rather take on some MUni – mountain unicycling! Our members regularly organise rides out around the local area including Guisborough Forest, Roseberry Topping and many more!

If hurtling downhill on one wheel isn’t enough for you, maybe you’d rather try some trials unicycling – think BMX tricks but on one wheel!

If you’d rather stick to a ‘normal’ unicycle, there are a whole range of skill levels that you can work towards, complete with certificates for each level! Find out more here. In addition, you can combine skills – why not learn to juggle or spin plates and add that to your unicycling repertoire?

All this and more is available at JUST every Thursday!