Learning to ride a Unicycle

Where to learn
Try to find a smooth flat area with a hand rail or low fence to hold on to. An indoor hall or gym is ideal but tennis courts or school playgrounds are generally good.

How high should the seat be?
When sitting on the unicycle with one foot on a pedal in its lowest position your leg should be almost straight.

Getting Started

  1. Place the seat of the unicycle underneath you.
  2. Spin the wheel so that the pedal on your favoured side is near the bottom between 7 and 8 o’clock.
  3. Put both hands on the wall, handrail or fence (or get some helpful friends).
  4. Place your foot on the pedal nearest to you and step straight upwards. The wheel will move backwards and underneath you.
  5. Place your second foot on the other pedal and pedal backwards about ¼ of a turn so that your feet are level.
  6. Holding on tight, lean forwards slightly and begin pedalling.

Handy Hints

  • Keep as much weight as possible on the seat.
  • Don’t look down, look forwards.
  • Try to pedal quite quickly. This will make it easier to balance.
  • When you start to fall, let the unicycle drop and try to stay on your feet.
  • Enjoy with friends!

Styles of Unicycling

Freestyle – This style focuses on performing tricks in a large flat open space. At competition a routine is devised to music and performed for a panel of judges.

Trials – Trials riding is about overcoming various natural, urban or man-made obstacles without falling off. This usually involves a lot of hopping and can be very tiring but extremely satisfying.

Street – As the name suggests this is urban riding. Common tricks are Unispins and Crankflips. In competition riders often use music and try to string tricks together to impress the judges.

Flatland – A derivative of street riding comprising many of the same tricks but with more focus on Crankrolls and some freestyle skills. Normally performed to music at competitions.

Muni – Mountain unicycling. Off road riding, just like mountain biking but much harder but also much more fun. The bikers won’t believe their eyes!

Distance Riding – Usually on a 29″ or 36″ unicycle, sometimes with a geared hub. Do 10km, a marathon or 100miles in 10hours, just let the road take you.

Hockey & Basketball – Conventional sports on a unicycle! A fast, furious and challenging way to get the adrenaline pumping. Enjoy responsibly!

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  1. Philip Tomlin says:

    My son is interested in learning to ride the unicycle. As it is his ninth birthday soon I was wondering if you do taster sessions where he could come along and have a go.

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