Membership Form


Ahead of the implementation of the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rules which come into effect on 25th May 2018, we are conducting a review of the personal data that we hold on members and your communication preferences.

In becoming a member of JUST, JUST collect certain information from you including your name, date of birth, address, contact number and email address, along with essential medical information and contact details for your preferred emergency contacts.

The purposes of holding this information includes:

Emergency/Medical Situations

  • Providing medical teams with key information
  • Contacting your preferred emergency contact

Membership and Club Management

  • Maintaining a record of club members
  • Recording loans of equipment
  • Recording certifications
  • Maintaining a log of DBS holders, first aiders etc.
  • Accident and incident logging
  • Safeguarding

Marketing and Communications

  • Sending e-newsletters
  • Sending information about events and offers relevant to members

Reports and Funding

  • Providing anonymised data to grant providers
  • Using anonymised data to analyse club progress and trends

We do not share any identifiable data or contact details with any third party – other than with medical teams in the event of an emergency – without your permission. Occasions where we may need to share your information with a third party include participation in external events or parades but this will only be done with prior notice.

Please complete the form overleaf with your up-to-date information and contact preferences – this will supersede any information or preferences currently held.

You have the right to request access the data that we hold on you at any time – this will be provided to you within one month of your request.

If you have any queries regarding the purpose of this exercise or about the GDPR, please email

Please complete the following form to create/update your membership with JUST.