Unicycle Hockey

Hockey starts at 8.00pm on our club night.

What do I need?
A unicycle – 20″ or 24″ are the most popular sizes, plastic pedals and non-marking tyre are preferred.

A hockey stick – we use the same sticks as used in roller-hockey and ice-hockey (not the goalie sticks though), these are available from the club if you do not have your own.


  1. The bottom of the stick must not be lifted above hip height.
  2. One hand must always be placed at the top end of the stick.
  3. The stick must not be released or thrown intentionally.
  4. There are 5 players per team. There are no specific rules relating to goalkeepers i.e. the goalie is treated the same as any other player.
  5. The ball can only be played when a player is riding the unicycle i.e. feet not touching the ground.
  6. Putting your stick under or through someone else’s wheel is a foul.
  7. A goal can only be scored from within your opponents half.
  8. You can play the ball with your hand, but you cannot score a goal with your hand.
  9. Each half starts with the referee throwing the ball onto the centre spot between one player of each team.
  10. After a goal is scored, the non-scoring team restarts by playing the ball over the half-way line.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Nevil Hopley says:


    I’m currently running a Unicycle Club in my Secondary School in Edinburgh, and our attention is turning to starting to play games of Unicycle Hockey.

    I’ve had brief contact with Barry Gates of the UK Unicycle Hockey League, but he’s not been able to answer all of the questions that I currently have, namely…

    1. Any top tips for setting up a Unicycle Hockey element to a Unicycle Club?

    2. What length hockey sticks should I be buying?

    3. Is there a good priced supplier for Hockey sticks, that will allow me to get the most sticks for the least price (I’m after about 10 of them, I think0?

    4. Should I be buying left or right handed sticks? Are right handed people the ones that use right handed sticks, or is it not that simple?

    I’d be very grateful indeed for any informative help that you can offer

    Nevil Hopley

    • Paul says:

      Hi Nevil

      We did little training sessions to just focus on ball control, passing, receiving the ball, shooting and the basic rules (stick with Sib’s (stick in bike/wheel) and Sub’s (stick under bike/wheel) for now, but I’m sure Barry has filled you in on all of that.

      We used to only have one hall so would basically take that over for hockey the last hour, which was quite good, but now we are lucky enough to have two halls we can run hockey at the same time.

      Just look at standard Ice hockey sticks (they work pretty well) adult ones for the adults and junior for the juniors (juniors playing with adult sticks is really hard for them to keep any control and their hand on the end of the stick) You will need L/H & R/H stick, you can buy flat bladed sticks to get around this problem but they aren’t very nice to use and ball control is much harder.

      If you speak to the guys at Unicycle.com I’m sure they would be able to sort you out (we got ours from there)

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