Learning to Juggle

Some people are natural jugglers and will find they can juggle within a couple of hours of practice. Others might need a little more time (between 2 days to 2 months), but practice and persistence is the key to becoming a good juggler. Once you learn the skill of juggling, you will never forget it (like riding a Unicycle).

One ball with two hands

Let’s start by throwing one ball between two hands.
Try and throw the ball high enough so that it’s level with your eyes. As you get better at this, you will notice you won’t have to track the ball with your eyes to catch it.
You may have noticed that you had one hand that was better at catching and throwing the ball – this is called your dominant hand. Your other hand is your subordinate hand.

Two balls with two hands
Holding a ball in each hand, practice throwing a ball from your subordinate hand to your dominant hand.
Just before you are about to catch the ball in your dominant hand, try and throw the other ball you are holding back.

This might be tricky at first, but keep practicing. Remember, try to throw the balls so they are level with your eyes. If you find you have to move your feet to catch the balls, you are throwing a bit wild. Try changing your stance to see if that makes a difference.

Three balls in two hands
We will start off slow. Holding one ball in your dominant hand and two in the other, throw one of the two balls in your subordinate hand to your dominant one. Like before, try and return the ball in your dominant hand, but this time, when you catch the returned ball, try and throw the remaining ball in your subordinate hand back.

Take this step slow. Don’t get disheartened if you drop the balls (you will do this often). Be persistent and eventually you will get into a juggling rhythm.
Now you are Juggling
If you can do the above step with ease, all you need to do now is continuously throw the balls to each hand in a loop.

One handed tricks
Holding two balls in your dominant hand, try throwing one in the air and catching it with the same hand. Whenever one ball is about to land, throw the next.
There is another way to do this trick, and that is to move your hand more and the balls less. Still only using one hand, do it like so…
Now that you can easily juggle two balls in one hand, you have your subordinate hand free to do other things like picking up a dropped ball, or eating a piece of fruit.

Juggling Columns
As well as throwing the balls in a standard cascade pattern, you can vary the routine by using the columns trick. Simultaneously throw a ball in each hand directly upwards. Then move your dominant hand to your body’s center, and throw the remaining ball directly up as well. You will then need to move your dominant hand back again to catch the first ball it released. Repeat this pattern to get the column effect.

If you find it difficult to start this trick, try throwing the one in the middle first and the remaining two second.

For more information on Ball Juggling please check out kingscascade.com for instructional videos. If you want to more information on Diabolo tricks check out diabolotricks.com. Then if you want more Club passing patterns check out juggloid.com.

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