Juggling is the manipulation of one or more objects at a time by one or more hands. Most commonly, people juggle balls, clubs or rings but if you can pick it up, you can juggle it… or try to!

At JUST we have a range of equipment to juggle, including:

  • Balls
  • Clubs
  • Rings
  • Scarves
  • Chainsaws
  • Small Children

Ok, the last two might be a slight stretch….! However, if juggling is your forte or your aim, JUST is the place for you.

As well as being able to teach you on an individual basis, there is a strong contingent of jugglers who are proficient at passing clubs, balls, small children…. Passing is where two or more jugglers pass three or more items between them.

You can check out Juggloid which has an interactive club simulator for both solo juggling and passing.