Volunteer Profiles


Stee Devereux

How do you help our Club?: I run meetings, help organise events, run workshops, help with equipment, provide first aid cover, enforce club rules, deal with disputes, complaints and sensitive matters, am a signatory for the club accounts and bring cheer!


Helen Hogarth

How do you help the club?: I am the first person that people speak to when they come to the club, Everyone knows me I meet and greet them then TAKE THEIR MONEY!! It’s a lovely job in the club because it’s so sociable. I can walk into the hall later in the night and chat with just about anyone…I love it


Nick Curwen

How do you help our Club?: Currently I’m the Clubs Treasurer so I deal with all the money that the club spends and takes. I also look after the club equipment (From time to time).


Claire Peacock

How do you help our Club?: I help the club by just being there. I do not have a set role, I will help wherever I am needed. I have helped on registration, setting out, putting away, selling JUST goodies etc. I help promote any events that are happening, and the most important of all “babysitting”.


Doug Harris

How do you help our Club?: By hopefully just being available as a Jack of all trades, even if I’m a master of none. A bit of Committee work, some teaching, some mingling, some encouragement, some tidying up, the odd good idea (more odd than good usually) and a smidgin’ of social glue. I can also write health & safety risk assessments (yawn).


Paul Tasker

How do you help our Club?: I attend committee meetings and help out at outside events.

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