Reward Scheme

The Volunteer Reward Points System has been set up to encourage volunteering at JUST club. Points can be accrued by Club Members for various tasks involved in running the club. Points can be redeemed by Club Members to gain free access to the Club Nights, receive Gift Vouchers or for
Special Club Merchandise designed specifically for Volunteer Awards.

The Volunteer Reward Points System is made easy to administer and generous enough to encourage volunteering to all Club Members and Parents. Points will be awarded for the following.

Attending a Committee Meeting – 10 points
Organise or help at an Outside Event – 20 points
Set up equipment on a Club Night – 3 points
Clear up after Club Night – 3 points
Club Night registration – 5 points
Run a Workshop – 10 points
Unicycle teaching session – 5 points
Level Test – 3 points
Volunteer of the month – 30 points

Points are also awarded to Club Members for passing their Unicycle Skill Levels as follows.

Attain Unicycle Skill level 1 to 3 – 5 Points
Attain Unicycle Skill Level 4 to 7 – 10 Points
Attain Unicycle Skill Level 8 to 10 – 50 Points

Three retrospective Levels can be claimed by any Club Member by showing their certificates. This is to give people a head start in collecting Volunteer Points and get the scheme off to a good start.
This is also to encourage Club Members to progress in their unicycle skills and hopefully allow
them to share their skills with others through teaching and workshops.

The Rewards

30 points = One free Club Night.
75 points = £10 Gift Voucher – Tesco or voucher
150 points = £20 gift voucher – Tesco or voucher
225 points = £30 Gift Voucher OR 3 months free Club Nights
250 points = Limited Edition JUST softshell jacket.

The Volunteer Points System is run by the Scheme Administrator who is a Committee Member.
Points accrued and redeemed by Club Members are all logged with the Scheme Administrator
who keeps a running total of all points awarded and redeemed throughout the year.

Points can be awarded by the nine committee members for year 2013. The points are awarded to
Club Members and Parents on completion of the above tasks. The committee member who
awards points must log the points with the Scheme Administrator promptly.

Points can only be redeemed through the Scheme Administrator (Rachael Devereux).

Club Members who attend as a family may pool their points together if they wish, to attain the
rewards more quickly. Club members not wishing to use their accrued points may transfer them
to another Club Member at the discretion of the Scheme Administrator.

Gift Vouchers for shops other than Tesco and may be awarded at the discretion of
the Scheme Administrator.

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