Volunteer Profile

Volunteer Profile

Name Helen Hogarth

How do you help the club? I am the first person that people speak to when they come to the club , Everyone knows me I meet and greet them then TAKE THEIR MONEY!! It’s a lovely job in the club because it’s so sociable. I can walk into the hall later in the night and chat with just about anyone……… I love it

How long have you been volunteering? I think it’s about 4 years…….. seems like a long time when you say it like that, but I’ve certainly been on the committee for a while.

Why do you volunteer? I’ts much more fun than just sitting there while my son does And face it I certainly couldn’t unicycle or juggle………. I leave that to the more capable

What’s the best thing about Volunteering? Meeting the wonderful people who come to club

And the worst!? Having to resolve disputes or phone and chase loaned equipment that hasn’t returned. Luckily this doesn’t happen very often…

Where do you live? In my bungalow………in Norton

Other interests/hobbies; I’m very active in my Church, I bake for just about everything that goes on there and anything else that I get involved with

If you were given a £1,000,000 how would you spend it? I’d pay off my mortgage, then give the rest to various charities.

Sweet or Savoury? Savoury Bacon crisps every time

Favourite Films? Children’s films, cartoons every time….. I hate horror movies, but love things like Mosters Inc and Matilda

Favourite TV show’s? I’m not really a TV person, I like all the science documentaries and I’m very boring I have to see the news at least once a day. I tend to listen to radio 4 a lot…………. Yes I’m that old!! I like the radio comedy programs like The news quiz & Just a minute

Favourite Books? Again I’m too serious……… I read books for study and information not really for pleasure any more. The last book I read for pleasure was Call the Midwife

Favourite Holiday destination? Somewhere far far far away……… and warm

The next skill I’d like to learn? I’d love to Unicycle……….. I dreamed I could the other night

5 things to do before you die? Ride a unicycle, swim in the Indian Ocean, go to Tibet, win a million & see my grandchildren

How would you change the world? Put all elected Government ministers on minimum wage as soon as their party gets into power…….. then we’d see how altruistic they were……………

Hidden Talents? None any more, but I have done in the past………… I was a Venture Scout and used to go Rock climbing, white water canoeing, Potholing and anything else dangerous…………. my poor mother must have been scared witless when I went out. I’ve conger’ed the length of Yarm High St barefoot

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