The First National Open Unicycle Road Race

The First National Open Unicycle Road Race, being held during the Horwich Festival of Racing on Sunday afternoon 16th June. We hope to get lots of people from JUST there to compete! It’s going to be lots of fun so get this date in your diary!

Its a 1 mile closed road circuit round the town of Horwich, that’s about 3 miles North West of Bolton. I am Planning on a 7 mile race.

Not quite sorted the entry arrangements. Its likely to require a fee of £5 as we may need to cover an insurance charge -but details will follow. We will probably post an entry form here and on the UUU Facebook page.

There is also a 1 mile fun bicycle race that would be good to have a significant unicycle entry. (Fee on the day £3)

Please try and get on the facebook event for this and confirm your attendance

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