MUni – Mountain Unicycling

MUni (Mountain unicycling) is the disapline of ridding your unicycle over a variety of different terrain off road (these can include muddy/rocky trails, man made northshore style trails and even snow). Muni riders often have to negotiate obstacles out the trails, involving jumps and drops, it is recommended that a helmet and some leg armour be worn while doing MUni.

You can just use your normal unicycle to do some gentle MUni but there are many purpose built MUnicycles that will help improve your riding and will also last alot longer.

MUni’s are generally 24 or 26″ but 29″ MUni’s are growing in popularity (not advisable for beginners).

They will come with:-

  • Wider tyres (up to 3inches) then the freestyle unicycles.
  • Strong cranks of about 140mm length (a lot longer than your standard freestyle length).
  • Double bolt clamp, single bolt clamps and quick releases just aren’t up to the job.
  • Pedals with metal pins to help grip on those wet, muddy days
  • Brakes (yes Unicycles with brakes) helps to control the MUni while descending step hills.

MUni riding is a great way to get out with a group of like minded individuals to explore and see the beautiful surroundings we all live in.

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