Hutton Village MUni

It was a cold & foggy Saturday afternoon and the MUni had been arranged for 1 o’clock. A few brave soles came out to Hutton Village to play in the woods on their unicycles.

Stee disappearing of piste down into the trees!

While the rest of us looked on, Cameron demonstrated that with his new frame he could do a 360 Uni-spin on his 24″ MUni.

Stee Chilling part way up one of the climbs waiting for the rest of us to catch him  up (looking good)

Photos never seem to show how steep and rutty some of the trials are, this is kinda steep and Dan still had his 125mm cranks on, he cleared the section first time, Good effort.

There’s always a big puddle on the route somewhere and there’s normally somebody to ride through it, but as soon as the camera came out, people just went round it.

A good time had by all, and actually wasn’t as cold or as foggy as we previously thought.

Thanks to Alex, Cameron, Connie, Dan, Nick & Stee for coming out to play  🙂

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Doug Harris says:

    Sorry I couldn’t make this one guys, I would have loved to be the weakest link! You would have had Ollie too but he didn’t get there until 2 o’clock apparently …

  2. dannii russell says:

    cameron is sooo skilled and fit

  3. dannii says:

    wow so talented cameron is so amazing at what he does and is only 13 this is amense

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